The true story of Valentino´s -

The true story of Valentino´s

In these short posts, we want to tell you the true story of Valentino’s – that of me, my husband and the dog – Valentino.

It is important to us to describe a part of our life since little Valentino became part of our little family.
In addition, we would like to share with you our experiences, exciting as well as sad and difficult moments with Valentino but especially how we experience the days with a nearly 60kg heavy dog ​​(meanwhile) until today.

We also hope to be able to help some dog owners with our short stories or to help with other ideas. We look forward to your comments, questions and other concerns that you would like to share with us under contributions.

We will try to capture our short stories here every week. We hope you enjoy reading about the true story of Valentino’s.

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