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Behind the VALENTINO´s brand is the VALENTINO in the first place - as you can already guess. A cute dog of the breed Cane Corso Italiano, who became the eye-catcher of the streets - not because he is authoritarian in size but because his proud look in combination with huge folding ears makes him look unique and very personable.

Right in second place we are - the "executing hands" of this story :) and Founder of the blog valentinovabene.

The little Valentino was the inspirer and the beginning of the idea to establish the blog first. There we wanted to show all dog lovers a piece of a different life style and zest for life and to serve more desire to meet a strong dog.

Since we are both a lot and stylish on the road we have also wished that our VALENTINO follows the latest trend from the dog fashion world.

For the VALENTINO we wanted to have cool, cheerful and with a touch of exclusivity but above all high-quality and comfortable accessories such as collars, leashes and crockery. Unfortunately, we have not found anything suitable for us and our dog for a long time that we could identify with .At the same time came the thought that it would be a lot of fun if all these great four-legged friends here would wear more of "dog make-up".

We were looking around for appropriate goods and found out that in many neighborhood countries "fashion for four-legged friends" is a top priority.

We have found some small, professional sewing workshops, which specialize in dog accessories such as collars, leashes and various kinds of dog harnesses, and each one is handcrafted. The whole production is led by young and motivated designers and seamstresses with great attention to detail. Each design of the Accesories is unique and inspired by current trends. What speaks for them is the excellent quality of the materials used, which must pass the test of the dogs themselves :).

We have tested some products ourselves with VALENTINO and have been enthusiastic about the design, comfort, thoughtful details and the careful quality of the products. Finally we found something that could reflect our style. Our idea was that we wanted to make the streets in this country much more colorful, happy and stylish. That would not only enjoy the dog owners themselves but also other passers-by everyday life..
Our wish is also to show the dog accessories in such a way that they become as "eproducts of expression and extension of one's own life style".

That was the trigger to open the online store with fashionable dog accessories, which combine these three main features:
  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Longevity

  • We are happy to be able to inspire you with our lifestyle and stylish accessories for your four-paw caterers as well as to support small workshops and young designers!
    We will gradually expand our assortment and surprise you with many trendy products.

    Because having a four-legged one does not mean neglecting your own style.
    Therefore, our motto is:
    Have a Dog have a Style – Have a Style – have a Dog!

    Join our beautiful & colorful life!
    VALENTINO´s Team
    14. June 2019

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    The little Valentino is born!
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